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Creativity Part 2: Creativity Occurs When?

The mathematician and the scientist’s admonition to “think like a mathematician!” “think like a scientist” actually parallel the artist’s processes in that knowledge, skill, and a proper analytical process is necessary to problem solving. The wider the knowledge of and … Continue reading

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Guillermo Ramon Makes 1st Cut in MiSciFi

Storycrafter Studio’s actor and playwright, Guillermo Ramon, has made the first cut in the 2016 Miami International Science Fiction Festival. See him performed in “Music of Broken Water” as the Ghost of King Nisus. “Dear Guillermo, Thank you for submitting … Continue reading

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Observations about the Publishing Industry Part 1

There is much speculation these days about whether the publishing industry will survive. Many seem to fear that since authors can self-publish, publishers will be done away with. Notables in the publishing world—editors, authors, publishers—maintain that the publishing industry will … Continue reading

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Little Stories from Writing Workshop Prompts 1

I’ve written a few sort of micro stories as a result of some writing workshops I’ve taken. I’m going to begin with one I wrote at Citywrights, a playwrighting conference held in Miami. We were lucky to have playwright Leslie … Continue reading

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Reading Work in Progress Aloud to Other Writers, A Terrific Aid

Each week I bring three pages of Foreshadow: Book One of the Saga of the Romance of the Dragon-Born to the writer’s workshop I am attending. I read the three pages aloud while the other writers read it. No matter … Continue reading

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Extroverted Introvert

My writing workshop instructor was talking to us about “blog personas.” Now this was something that really grabbed my fancy because, well, I don’t think I have one. It seems to me that it would be a good thing to … Continue reading

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On Bananas

My writing workshop teacher was in one of her food moods (class is at dinner time) and thought bananas would be a good topic to relax us into humorous writing. So this is the bit I wrote about bananas: Bananas—silent … Continue reading

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