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Creativity Part 2: Creativity Occurs When?

The mathematician and the scientist’s admonition to “think like a mathematician!” “think like a scientist” actually parallel the artist’s processes in that knowledge, skill, and a proper analytical process is necessary to problem solving. The wider the knowledge of and … Continue reading

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Creativity Defined by Artists

Creativity is a defining point of who artists are. It is a defining point of their personality, a defining point of how they view the world, how they act within it, how they respond to it, and their importance to … Continue reading

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Guillermo Ramon Makes 1st Cut in MiSciFi

Storycrafter Studio’s actor and playwright, Guillermo Ramon, has made the first cut in the 2016 Miami International Science Fiction Festival. See him performed in “Music of Broken Water” as the Ghost of King Nisus. “Dear Guillermo, Thank you for submitting … Continue reading

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Little Stories from Writing Workshop Prompts 1

I’ve written a few sort of micro stories as a result of some writing workshops I’ve taken. I’m going to begin with one I wrote at Citywrights, a playwrighting conference held in Miami. We were lucky to have playwright Leslie … Continue reading

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Miami Theaters’ Voices and Their Audiences

For the past two years I have been attending plays all around my Miami, studying the theater’s voices. Miami is unusual in that the minority of people are white with English as a first language. I’ve been studying the audiences, … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Writing Workshops

I’ve moved to a different part of Miami, and so I’ve been attending this writers’ workshop to get to know people here and, of course, for what the workshop offers. I also attended a wonderful playwrights’ conference in Miami in … Continue reading

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Good reviews do not gush.

Reviewers have the power to do more than to encourage or discourage the buying of certain books. They can actively help readers read more insightfully. Generally reviews fall into three types–I love the book; I hate the book; the book’s … Continue reading

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