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I was judged to be a computer program on Shakespeare at the First Loebner Prize Competition of The Turing Test—a truly science fictional experience. I'm an author who likes to write sf, fantasy, updated versions of old myths.

Creativity Part 2: Creativity Occurs When?

The mathematician and the scientist’s admonition to “think like a mathematician!” “think like a scientist” actually parallel the artist’s processes in that knowledge, skill, and a proper analytical process is necessary to problem solving. The wider the knowledge of and … Continue reading

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Creativity: Learning Creativity, and Artists’ Ideas about Creativity

Creativity is generally thought to be successfully taught through the psychological creativity techniques such as: Alex Osborn‘s “brainstorming” (1950s to present), Brain storming is simply a technique to let go of the judgmental mind. It is a very good as an … Continue reading

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Guest Blob by Guillermo Ramon: Dynamic Systems & Psychology

When I started looking for solutions to systems in which variables have multiple relations, I found that there had been several thinkers who looked at these types of problems using diverse mathematical perspectives. Most of these perspectives were based on … Continue reading

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Creativity Defined by Artists

Creativity is a defining point of who artists are. It is a defining point of their personality, a defining point of how they view the world, how they act within it, how they respond to it, and their importance to … Continue reading

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Sexism, Stop It

Regarding Weinstein and Trump’s sexual harassment of women and the huge volume of Metoo’s that have appeared, it is clear that sexual harassment (and worse) of women in particular that the problem is pervasive. I think it part of a … Continue reading

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