Creativity Defined by Artists

FItopCreativity is a defining point of who artists are. It is a defining point of their personality, a defining point of how they view the world, how they act within it, how they respond to it, and their importance to it. Unsurprisingly then, artists contemplate creativity. They wonder what exactly it is, and they come to an answer of that question because being without an answer is to have no knowledge of self. For artists, creativity is Self, and many if not most artists feel that to have no knowledge of self at all would be harmful to their art for one’s art is the expression of one’s Self. Each time an artist engages in her or his art they are engaging in self understanding. Artists can and do consider their art as defining expressions of themselves, of things they want to “say,” of things they have felt to be important and what to share through the expression of art. Artists speak of their art as actions. The fine artist will say “I do oil and acrylic” or “I do watercolor”; or “I do cityscapes”; “I do flowers.” Actors when imitating someone for an audience say they are “doing” a certain president; or “doing the butterfly at rest”; or “doing a transition between” one emotional state and another. Musicians, too, tend to say “I do…” and then list and describe their music. Artists might change the verb do for another action verb: “I photograph babies”; “I paint flowers”; “I play sax,” but there is no mistaking the doing of the art. Artists feel that they not only do their art they live it as well. Their art, their creativity, is completely bound up with who they are. Why do fine artists paint, dancers dance, writers write? For artists the ultimate and unarguable answer is because they must.

“Why do you dance, sing, act, paint?” artists are often asked because of the struggles they endure to make a living in their arts.

“Why do I breathe?” a dancer once answered, and every artist felt, “Yes, that’s exactly it!”

People so completely attached to their vocation are going to have deep and serious thoughts about it. No other type of demographic is going to be so intimately concerned with creativity nor even, according to artists, have as much authority on the subject as artists do. The Storycrafter Studio Intellectual Discussion Meetup for March 16 at 8:15 pm, will be a discussion of creativity, its nature, components, and processes, from the perspective of artists. Artists of all types are encouraged to attend and add to the discussion.


About Cynthia Clay

I was judged to be a computer program on Shakespeare at the First Loebner Prize Competition of The Turing Test—a truly science fictional experience. I'm an author who likes to write sf, fantasy, updated versions of old myths.
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