Guillermo Ramon Makes 1st Cut in MiSciFi

Storycrafter Studio’s actor and playwright, Guillermo Ramon, has made the first cut in the 2016 Miami International Science Fiction Festival. See him performed in “Music of Broken Water” as the Ghost of King Nisus.

“Dear Guillermo, Thank you for submitting your screenplay / work to the 2016 Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival—we greatly appreciate you sending us your work for consideration. You have made it to the selection round! You are part of the official selection, congratulations! Our Selection Committee is taking your work to a high level of scrutiny. Storytelling, character creation, and development are a highly subjective art and your work has found a place at MiSciFi. The selection process was extremely difficult and you have made it past the initial cut, congratulations! This will be announced, so you may publically announce this news. Next are selections for the “Runner upsâ€�. If you make the next round, the winners that make it past this next level of scrutiny will have one page selected by the author read during the MiSciFi awards in a live stage performance. This will be reserved for no fewer than five to no more than fifteen works. From that pool, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners will receive software licenses for Final Draft plus two pages selected by the author to be read in a stage performance with actors in costumes, and fantastic themed music. Yes, this will be recorded and placed on the MiSciFi Youtube channel for all to see. Reader comments below. We will send a follow-up email with laurels and additional details. Again, Congratulations! Troy Bernier- Program Director Edward Figueroa- Program Director Eric Swain- Program Director ========================== Great for a regular or animation. Adults to kids. Imaginative. Perfect layout/professional. Good pacing. Interesting goal-driven characters. Character voice not precise. Very visual and a good plot based around the end of slavery in the future.”


About Cynthia Clay

I was judged to be a computer program on Shakespeare at the First Loebner Prize Competition of The Turing Test—a truly science fictional experience. I'm an author who likes to write sf, fantasy, updated versions of old myths.
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