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Playwrights Are a Special Type of Extroverted-Introverts

As an extroverted introvert, I have a public face, public voice that rings with “pear shaped tones” per my training in the theater. My private face, my private voice, hmm, there’s a bunch of them. Playwrighting teachers say that’s perfectly … Continue reading

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Extroverted Introvert

My writing workshop instructor was talking to us about “blog personas.” Now this was something that really grabbed my fancy because, well, I don’t think I have one. It seems to me that it would be a good thing to … Continue reading

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On Bananas

My writing workshop teacher was in one of her food moods (class is at dinner time) and thought bananas would be a good topic to relax us into humorous writing. So this is the bit I wrote about bananas: Bananas—silent … Continue reading

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Insanity in the Publishing Business

My writing teacher read us a blog piece where a Miami agent had heard from an editor, “If only the writer were younger.” The editor used the writer’s age as a reason to turn down a manuscript she liked. This … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Writing Workshops

I’ve moved to a different part of Miami, and so I’ve been attending this writers’ workshop to get to know people here and, of course, for what the workshop offers. I also attended a wonderful playwrights’ conference in Miami in … Continue reading

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